Chaing Mai


Chiang Mai is a province in Northern Thailand that is very popular among travelers who love breezy cool weather in cool season. Its mountainous landscape offers scenic hills and forests. ‘Doi Inthanon’, the highest mountain in Thailand with 2,600 meters height from sea level is also situated in this province.

Highlights : Chiang Mai was a former capital of the Kingdom of Lanna, so you will also see countless temples all over the town which are absolutely perfect for a sacred wedding ceremony. If you are looking for a place rich with culture and serenity, Chiang Mai will not disappoint you at all.

Weather : The climate here is tropical wet and dry with warm to hot weather year-round, but be prepared of night time as it can be a lot cooler. Its hot season starts in February and ends in April, while rainy season takes charge in May to October. The best month to visit is January when the weather is perfectly cool and beautiful Wild Himalaya Cherry starts to bloom (and it blooms only once a year!). This is also the very peak season most tourists pay a visit.

Travel : It is very convenient to travel to Chiang Mai as you can take a direct flight to Chiang Mai International Airport.

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