Kho Yao


Koh Yao is in Phang Nga province, and it actually features two islands called Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai. These beautiful islands are peaceful and un-crowded, unlike Phuket or Samui. If you are looking for a quiet site for your personal romantic wedding, you have no need to look further.

Highlights : The activities on these islands are also still very much natural. You can go visit local farmers’ villages, snorkel around Koh Kai Nok and Koh Kai Nai, or ride a boat to visit other islands nearby.

Weather : The weather here is ideal for visit anytime. Its high season starts in November and ends in April while low season starts in May and ends in October.

Travel : It’s not difficult to travel to Koh Yao as there are plenty boat services from many piers such as Bang Rong Pier and Jiarawanich Pier. Anyway, the most convenient way we would suggest is asking your hotel to facilitate it.

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