Koh-Phi Phi


Phi Phi Island is a big and famous island of Krabi province. It is facilitated with countless hotels and resorts you can choose from. But, however, that also makes the island always crowded and less peaceful.
Highlights : The spotlight is its twin bays of curving beaches of Ao Ton Sai and Ao Lo Da Lam. Just get to the viewing point, and you will be able to see the beautiful twins standing together on the sea.
If Phi Phi Island is your destination, we recommend you to visit Koh Mai Pai (Bamboo Island) too since it is quite close to Phi Phi but still peaceful and nice. Most travelers wouldn’t stay until evening as they have to prepare to go back to Phuket. If you need a place of your own for your private wedding, Koh Mai Pai will be another excellent choice you would love to consider.

Goods on Phi Phi Island are a little bit more expensive since the place is pretty commercial and transportation fees are added to almost everything.

Weather : The weather is rainy and hot, but the perfect time to visit is around November to April of every year.

Travel : To reach there, you have to take a flight to Krabi International Airport or Phuket International Airport then take a ferry to Phi Phi Island.

Koh Phi Phi photo gallery

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