Krabi is a remarkable tourist destination located on the west coast of Southern Thailand. It includes 130 islands in various sizes around the main town. One of the most popular attraction in Krabi is Railay Beach that has been chosen to hold a wedding of lovers from all over the world. Railay Beach consists of a wonderful fine-sand beach and unique limestone cliffs making the place one-of-a-kind location you ever dream of.

Highlights :  Once you visit Krabi and you are always thrilled by outdoor adventures, the recommended activities you shouldn’t miss are rock climbing at Railay Beach; visiting other smaller islands such as Pohda Island, Kai Island, Hong Island; or canoeing around to enjoy the sea & the sun.

Weather : Krabi has 2 seasons; hot season and rainy season. There can be heavy rains for days in rainy season starts from May to November. The perfect time to visit there is December to April.

Travel : No need to worry about transportation, you can take a direct flight to Krabi International Airport and request a service from your hotel for a faster and more convenient airport transfer.

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